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Shane Bywater is a business expert who provides fresh insights and relevant perspectives that will transform your people and business outcomes.
Shane Bywater has worked in highly successful roles for over twenty-five years, in sales, service, product management, leadership and learning and development functions. This is across a range of industries and contexts that includes telecommunications and IT, banking, energy, marketing, mining and NGOs. This diverse background gives him the key ingredients to be a successful, sustainable performer in the marketplace. He brings these elements together to achieve outcomes that address the business needs of his clients. Shane’s engaging, energetic, yet uncomplicated style allows him to connect with people of various roles, making them feel at ease, whilst providing valuable insight. He works with senior leaders, middle management and frontline staff.


What will a 30% improvement do to your outcomes? It is possible!
The marketplace is tough. Copy-cat products and increased competition means you must make a difference with the one thing your competitors don’t have – and can’t copy. Your people!! It’s your secret weapon. Let Shane help you unleash them. He believes most business people want to do more. They want to contribute. So how can he help you with your people? In a few ways!



Whether this is to small or large audiences, your people will enjoy hearing about Shane’s ideas and observations. He draws on a range of experiences, research and down-to-earth examples that compels, entertains and challenges audiences. He easily connects with people from all cultures and demographics.   His speaking has been to audiences as far ranging as insurance directors, young people, engineers, people leaders, sales conferences, and business networking dinners. Check out some of his keynote talks here…



Shane has made it his mission, to reinforce at every opportunity, the critical impact of coaching. There are too many training dollars wasted on individual contributors! Not because the training is necessarily bad (though a lot of it is), but because the people leaders have had very little coaching and development themselves. This means that any upside in training the team is lost through ineffective or ill-intended coaching.   Although Shane includes coaching in all his training and development programs, many organisations benefit from specific targeted coaching of people leaders and individual contributors. Check out some of the ways this can happen for you…


Shane works with a range of customers – big brands, medium enterprises and NGOs. He was in corporate and business life before the internet – that’s right – before Google was, Shane was! OK, big deal – what does that mean to you? Well, it means Shane’s 25 years experience and insights into leadership, sales and service has taught him how to improve people and processes to get real business outcomes now – and also future-proofing you against the challenging marketplace. Read more…


Shane provides facilitation that isn’t boring – all under the banner of EnterTRAINment!   Seriously, how boring are a lot of workshops and training you have been to?? No wonder people aren’t inspired to develop or make a difference in the workplace!! Workshops and training must be enjoyable – otherwise there is no aspiration to actually change things afterwards. With Shane, robust and challenging learning abounds – and so does the enjoyment factor! Shane throws that in for free! It’s FUNdamental to rapid learning. Check out more…


Companies that Shane works with across the world
Shane has worked with many leading brands to improve their people’s performance by means of training, facilitation, coaching and consulting on strategic alignment to business goals.

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