Boxing-Gloves-2Copping it on the Chin, and Doing it with a Smile.

The workplace is a kaleidoscope of different personalities, cultures, experiences and biases. Whilst this diversity can result in positive outcomes, many times, these differences can result in emotional outbursts and conflicts.

Conflicts and objections can arise with customers, different business units and even colleagues. Is there a way to navigate through objections and difficult situations and come out the other end with win-win outcomes? Yes there is!! You don’t need to defend, defer or destroy the other party.

Shane will show you a proven five-step framework that will give you and your people every opportunity to handle difficult situations with maturity and professionalism.

Despite what is ‘coming at you’, you will learn to control the scenario and collaboratively seek win-win outcomes. Specifically, in this session, Shane will establish the reasons people object, why we often ‘fight back’ – and how you can handle those objections in a way that respects the other person – and gets those mutual outcomes both parties need.

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