phone-headerDialling into the Needs of Others

Think about this…

How many times do project deadlines creep, or sales opportunities are delayed, or reports aren’t handed in on time? Why is this?

Many times, the people involved have had misunderstandings of what was required. Sometimes, one party simply missed the point altogether.

How frustrating can that be? It’s happening all the time, and it is proving to be a major source of corporate waste and inefficiency. Typically, you will find it wasn’t the process that broke down – but the people in the process.

Key influencers KNOW how to

D.I.A.L. into others – and get the best out of them.

In this session, Shane will challenge you and your people to think about your preferred means of operating. You will also establish how people behave and process differently to you. He will then show you how to D.I.A.L. in to the way people process information and prefer to operate.

This will result in understanding how to positively persuade and communicate with people more effectively.

Being a Key Influencer is critical in today’s marketplace – and Shane will unlock simple ways to do that for you – that you can use the very next day.

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