Shane Bywater has worked in highly successful roles for over twenty-five years, in sales, service, product management, leadership and learning and development functions. This is across a range of industries and contexts that includes telecommunications and IT, banking, energy, marketing, mining and NGOs.

This diverse background gives him the key ingredients to be a successful, sustainable performer in the marketplace.

He brings these elements together to achieve outcomes that address the business needs of his clients.

Shane’s engaging, energetic, yet uncomplicated style allows him to connect with people of various roles, making them feel at ease, whilst providing valuable insight. He works with senior leaders, middle management and frontline staff.

Shane is active in charity work and sees this as a natural extension of his passion and enthusiasm of working with people.

Shane has qualifications that include a Bachelor’s Degree, Marketing Management Diploma and has a technical background. He also is accredited in DiSC and Situational Leadership.

Shane’s success in high-end corporate life is something you can draw upon. He provides external perspectives and insights that will immediately result in improved business results.

Shane’s Keynote presentations and workshops are entertaining and insightful, challenging the hearts and minds of your people – to action areas that will increase their performance.

Examples of his capabilities cover areas such as sales and customer service strategies; relationship development methodologies, developing coaching and mentoring programs; reviewing the effectiveness of existing learning programs and design, project management; and implementation of development initiatives.